Thursday, 13 June 2013

How to give a gift to your favourite teacher.

By Jannet Ellis, Owner of Fresh As A Daisy Cards

We all know what it means to have a teacher in our life that inspires, mentors and challenges us to become a successful citizen. When you have children, you want your child to encounter that teacher who will stir a life-long  passion of learning in your child and will inspire them to pursue their full potential.

So how do you say thanks  to these individuals who spend countless hours both in the classroom and outside of it to give you or your child a learning experience that you will never forget?

 Let’s start with why you give a gift?

Teachers don’t expect a gift. They teach for the love and passion of it. Nevertheless, it is nice to recognize the teacher and to say , thank you. You shouldn’t send a gift just because, or it is their birthday. There is fine line  between showing appreciation and brown nosing, and you want to ensure that you do not look like you are trying to court a favour from the teacher.

 When do you give a gift?

 It is normally done at the holidays such as Christmas and the end of the year.

What teachers should get gifts?

It is often preschool and primary school teachers who are the recipients of the gift giving, but it shouldn’t be limited to these teachers alone. Professors at higher learning institutions and high school teachers shouldn’t be ignored especially if they have done something extraordinary for your child like awakened a passion in them; identified their skills or nurtured one of their talents. You are not obligated to give every teacher or professor a gift but that one that has made a difference should not be overlooked.

 How much should you spend?

Gifts should be small, presonalised, and thoughtful but also what you can afford. The average is around £12.00 to £30.00.

 What should you get for this special person?

According to She Knows Parenting Online Magazine, you should NOT get them “mugs, the  iconic apple themed gifts, or trinkets.” Also; you  should avoid items like hand lotions and perfumes.

 So what’s the perfect gift?

So a flower card is the perfect gift for your award worthy teacher. A flower card is well within the acceptable limits of price. It can be personalised by you or your child to allow the teacher to understand how they helped. And the flower cards are beautiful and gender-neutral. The teacher can take them home or leave them on the desk.

 We make it easy for you to order, and we deliver the flower cards directly to your special teacher.

 You can either buy directly from our website or our Facebook page (shop tab). We would love to help you. 

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