Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Flowers and Your Health: How Flower Cards Can Change Your Mood.

We all know flowers brighten up a person’s day, and it is just not me saying it. It’s proven by research.

In 2005, Jeannette Haviland Jones and Terry McGuigre from Rutgers University, did a series of studies on people and flowers. The study was called An environmental approach to positive emotions:flowers.

They first study a group of females who were given flowers every week and those who were given a gift basket or a scented candle. The first showed women responded to the flower gift much more than any other gift. It also showed that when the women received the flowers the following weeks, their emotional response did not dissipate.

The second study was a group of men and women. The participants were offered flowers, pens or nothing. It was found that men responded to the flowers more positively than to the pen which was surprising to researchers since cultural norms may suggest otherwise. This is what the study said specifically, “Contrary to cultural expectation, both men and women presented with flowers (as opposed to a pen or with nothing) were more likely to smile, to stand at a social distance rather than at an impersonal distance and to initiate conversation. Men are not expected to prefer flowers, yet they show the same pattern of smiling and approach in Study 2 as women.

The third study was on a group of senior citizens which received flowers on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Once again, the study showed that seniors responded as the women did in first study, which was overwhelmingly positive not matter how frequently they received the flowers.

Further first and 3rd study showed that the more flowers a person received more the more happy they were. The study states, “The 3rd study replicates Study 1 in that people receiving flower bouquets are happier and perhaps less depressed than people who do not receive bouquets. People who received two may be happier than people who received one. This suggests that the effects found in Studies 1 and 2 are not due simply to surprise, nor do effects dissipate rapidly when more flowers are provided.”

This card can easily be personalised for
the gentleman in your life.

Further, the third study had added benefit seniors. It appears receiving flowers improved their memory. Here’s what it said, “Study 3 provides additional evidence that the increase in positive emotion related to the flowers will have secondary benefits. Participants who received the flowers had higher scores on the episodic memory task than those who had not yet received any bouquets?”

So there are great reasons to send a flower card to someone you love. It will improve their mood and memory. And as Father’s day quickly approaches you can certainly send a flower card to your  father, it appears that he will enjoy it. If you know a senior who lives alone or in a retirement residence, can you imagine what a weekly flower card with a personalised message will do for their well-being?

Handcrafted flower cards are a natural way to bring a smile to someone’s face and heart.

Let me know how I can help you bring happiness into someone’s life.

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