Saturday, 19 November 2011

No excuse!!

There’s no excuse, for not keeping you updated. I’ve been focusing on other things but it’s all been very exciting. 

The website has now had a facelift thanks to Michelle,a year has flown by, out with the old in with the new. 

We have decided to group the cards into categories, so we now have a Floral, Butterfly, Ethnic & Religions, Stripy, Crafty and a Love category. We also have a baby category and a new product " Hand-knitted elephants",so there's a card for mummy, and a soft cuddly toy for baby. There are three colours to choose from pink, blue or grey this will make perfect gift for a new mum. 
Pink hand-knittted elephants from the New baby range

I haven’t knitted for years, so I'm a bit slow. I knit in the evenings so it takes me around two evening to knit one elephant. I’ve been told I need to increase my speed any knitters out there, I might need your help!

Some of our customers have being asking me to add chocolates to the website to add the finishing touch to their order, so handmade truffles by “Truffella” are now available. Each handmade truffle is hand blended, hand piped, hand enrobed and hand dipped. Let me tell you, that they taste good, very good I’ve had a few, well more than few!

I've met wonder people during these past months and Coral Turner, the founder of "Coral Turner Couture" elegance exclusive and original one-of-a-kind garments.
She's so excited about “Fresh as a Daisy Cards”a true believer, and now a very good and kind hearted and thoughful friend, these are her very words..
“A Fresh as a Daisy Cards translates your sentiments into something truly special.”
Thank you Coral.x

On that lovely note, I’m off to do some more knitting.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The wedding season

The wedding season is upon us!
Lots of flowers to choose from, Dahlias, Roses ,Hydranges, Rununculus and Orchids, so much beautiful flowers to make your wedding day extra special.
Choose a wedding style e.g. Romance, Formal, Chic, Glamour, Casual, Country and Medieval. Whatever style you prefer there will be lots of flowers to choose from, which will complement your big day.     
Everything is very positive for me right now. A few months ago I applied to become a seller on the Not on the High Street. I’ve know about this site for quite a long time, they have some gorgeous products which are very unique. The founders Holly Tucker and Sophie Cornish started the business in 2006 and it’s just grown since then.  
The Site went live (16th April 2011) I’m now a seller on Not on the High Street, hopefully my cards will be seen by a lot more people looking for that unique gift.
We will be adding a gallery page to the website (well Michelle will be) which will feature some new designs so keep checking the website, if you wish to be added to the mailing list just email me at info@freshasadaisycards and I’ll keep you updated.

I've had a Facebook Plan written for Fresh as a Daisy Cards which will up and running next week, so watch this space!

A special gift for the bride

              This month's thought
"I can do it because I believe I can do it" 

Monday, 28 March 2011

Mothers Day

I’m wishing every mom, a very happy Mother’s Day on April 3rd Thanks Mum!

March was full of ups and downs, for Fresh as a Daisy Cards, but thanks to all the good people around me I'm back, focused and raring to move forward. Good things are just around the corner for us all if we dare to move towards it.
Must just say thanks, to MJ, what a great article she wrote on the Creative Boom website  (page 11 Title... "From the Heart")
Michelle has updated the website to remind us , not to forget to order your Mother’s Day card which will surely put a smile on her face 
Happy Mothers Day !!!

Thanks Jo Fisher for being truthful honest!!


Monday, 7 February 2011

January has been and gone.

Hi Everyone

January has been and gone that flew by!
February is a busy month for all flower shops and flower markets.  "VALENTINE’S DAY"!! 
Most of the shop will be selling Grand Prix roses, a luxurious velvety rose which are absolutely stunning. This rose symbolise adoring love and affection.
The passion rose a rich red rose  a slightly smaller flower head of that of the Grand Prix but also highly recommended on valentine’s day.
I have chosen to use the Grand Prix rose for the Fresh as a daisy cards. A single or a double rose with a pale pink background this will surely impress your love one.
Remember all of the cards on the website, are for all occasion so don’t miss that special event.
Last week I attend the women business @ club at 44 Portland Street workshop.
This month speaker was Cate Mackenzie “Living Your Dream Career”
With lots  of new ideas, “Downloading” It was a fantastic workshop.
Have a look at her website
Next month workshop:  Guerrilla Marketing – Insights Into Your Target Market
Speaker: Bybreen Samuels 
To book this event or To hear about our new events as soon as they are announced, simply subscribe to 

Enjoy your Valentines Day!!!!                                                                                                                              


Valentines Day Card from the Camellia range

                                                                                   This month thought
                                                                        "I am closing the door on the past"