Monday, 7 February 2011

January has been and gone.

Hi Everyone

January has been and gone that flew by!
February is a busy month for all flower shops and flower markets.  "VALENTINE’S DAY"!! 
Most of the shop will be selling Grand Prix roses, a luxurious velvety rose which are absolutely stunning. This rose symbolise adoring love and affection.
The passion rose a rich red rose  a slightly smaller flower head of that of the Grand Prix but also highly recommended on valentine’s day.
I have chosen to use the Grand Prix rose for the Fresh as a daisy cards. A single or a double rose with a pale pink background this will surely impress your love one.
Remember all of the cards on the website, are for all occasion so don’t miss that special event.
Last week I attend the women business @ club at 44 Portland Street workshop.
This month speaker was Cate Mackenzie “Living Your Dream Career”
With lots  of new ideas, “Downloading” It was a fantastic workshop.
Have a look at her website
Next month workshop:  Guerrilla Marketing – Insights Into Your Target Market
Speaker: Bybreen Samuels 
To book this event or To hear about our new events as soon as they are announced, simply subscribe to 

Enjoy your Valentines Day!!!!                                                                                                                              


Valentines Day Card from the Camellia range

                                                                                   This month thought
                                                                        "I am closing the door on the past"


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