Thursday, 11 July 2013

Passions-Part 3-A Novella on Passion, Love and Flower Cards.

Great Flower Card for Your Sister
Who Just had a baby

By Jannet Ellis, Fresh As A Daisy Cards,

After Lady Sarah got off the phone with her mother, all she could think about was Josh and the ‘flower card.’  She wasn’t too sure what a flower card was and decided a quick peek on the net was warranted.  She queried flower cards and found Fresh as a Daisy cards.  ‘How charming’ , she thought while browsing through the extensive collection of flower cards.  She bookmarked the site because she knew that it would come in handy for future gift giving.  Her sister, Lady Annabelle, was expecting her first child, and she thought it would be fitting to send her a flower card after the birth.

As she pondered how to use flower cards, she stopped to think about Josh.  She now had the dilemma of responding to the card.  Should she call him?  That might be pushy, and she didn’t want appear too eager.  A text?  That seemed like the most appropriate thing to do, but she didn’t have his mobile phone number.  ‘This is perfect’, she thought.  ‘Now I can speak to Cooper Shefield and get the scoop on mystery man Josh Hardgrove.’

Lady Sarah had known Cooper ‘Coop’ Shefield since college.  Coop was a nice man, but he was a bit impish for her taste.  He seemed to be a follower, not a trendsetter.  He was also very close to His Highness, and His Highness was nice but a rogue.  His Highness was notorious for his partying, womanizing and poor behaviour at the best of times, though last night he had appeared to be slightly more charming and mature.  ‘Was he growing up?’ she wondered.  Coop and the others in His Highness’s entourage were faithful friends who would do anything and everything to protect one another.  Josh seemed to be a tag along.  He didn’t quite belong to the group, but they liked him enough to occasionally include him in their circle.  But unlike the others in His Highness’s group, Josh seemed more mature, independent.

Maybe Lady Annabella will get this
 Flower Card from her sister?

But who was he?  He was an elite night clubber, and everyone seemed to know and like him.  But, he never had a girlfriend or seemed to be with anyone.  He was always with Coop or the gang from Goldman Sachs.  It was the mystery that attracted her to him, but she could not deny to herself that it was also his gorgeous face, impeccable dress and sweet demeanour that got her all flustered.

Her mother, of course, would prefer Sarah to be attracted to His Highness.  For her mother, it was all about status.  Sarah’s saving grace was her father.  Baron Stanley, or Lord Stanley as he was commonly known, was Leader of the House of Lords as well as the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster.  He was a Cambridge graduate with a PhD in Economics from the London School of Economics.  He always worked tremendously hard and did not rely on his family trust to live a leisurely lifestyle.  Though conservative in his thinking, he believed in social justice, fairness and equal opportunity for all.  He demanded that all of his children be educated and not rely on proper marriage to keep or propel them further into the aristocracy, much to her mother’s dismay.

Because of her father, Sarah’s ambition to be one of the best art curators in London was encouraged and supported.  She loved going home to talk about her workdays with her father because he wanted her to succeed on her own.  He loved that she was developing her independence and encouraged her to pursue promotions and opportunities abroad.  He did not care if she had a date with a prince or a pauper.  He just cared that she was passionate about what she did, gave it her all and, at the end of the day, accomplished something.  Her heart warmed whenever she thought of him.  She couldn’t imagine her life without him.

Or will Annabella like something
like this?

She decided it was time to call Coop.  He answered his phone, somewhat surprised to hear from her.  After they got through all of the pleasantries, she asked for Josh’s number.  She told Coop that Josh had sent her a little thank-you gift, and she wanted to tell him how much she appreciated the gesture.  So Coop politely gave her the information, and just as they were about to hang up, she asked, ‘Coop, what is this guy’s story?  I know that he is successful, but he not a native Londoner—you can tell by his accent.  I know he is not married, but no girlfriend?’

Coop let out a light chuckle and gave a run down on Josh Hardgrove.  ‘He is the real rags-to-riches story.  He came up from poverty, worked hard at school, has a brilliant mind and works his tail off at Goldman Sachs to ensure that he never has to go back to his old life.  His parents still live up north, but I don’t know how much he sees them.  He doesn’t speak of them often.  For that matter, I can’t recall a time that he has spoken of them.’  He added, ‘He’s not one of us.’

‘One of us?’  Sarah hated aristocratic snobbery; there was no place for it in modern society.

Coop stuttered, ‘You know, he doesn’t come from money.’

‘But he is still a human?’ she asked.

‘Yeah, of course’, said a very embarrassed Coop.

‘Then he is one of us’, she said in a strong tone.  She said her goodbye and hung up before Coop could answer.

She was furious with Coop’s comment because it reminded her so much of her mother.  She thought to herself, ‘Forget the text . . . it is time for a call.’

She dialed Josh’s number and as the phone rang, butterflies rose in her stomach and a slight bit of perspiration gathered on her brow.  Then a lovely voice answered and Sarah’s mouth curled upwards . . . 

Stay tune for Part 4 next week......until then send someone you love a flower card.

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